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Sitter Statement

Our babysitters range in age from 18 years to 72 years. We acquire our sitters mostly from referrals of other sitters or people we know. Our sitters have received the majority of their experience in child care, from life occurances. They are sisters, mothers, grandmothers, some have been nannies, school teachers, day care workers.

We are very careful who we use as our Guardian Angels. Each sitter provides us with three child care reference letters. You are welcome to copies of the letters for your chosen sitter, just let us know. We train our sitters in CPR and First-aid.

Guardian Angel has policies you need to know about.

  1. We do not bathe children in our care. We are eliminating the chance of injury in the bathtub and any other liable situation.
  2. We do not sit for sick children, nor do we administer medication.
  3. Our insurance will not cover the transportation of children.

If the sitter that is reserved for you becomes ill, we will do our best to replace her, but we can not guarantee a replacement.

Our sitters are contract personnel. We work around their schedules. We will try to send the same sitter for all of your needs, but can not guarantee it.

We have a 24 hour cancellation policy (less than 24 hour notice you must pay for minimum hours but no transportation fee). Reservations are not guaranteed without a confirmation letter, or a phone call.

Our goal at Guardian Angel Babysitting, Inc. is to send experienced, trained persons to families who live in or visit Utah, who will care for and keep safe the children you trust to our care. We do our best to make each sitting experience enjoyable for both parent and child.

You will need to indicate the beginning and ending time of each child care need and you will be obligated to pay for those hours. You must meet the minimum hours and then pay for the amount of hours you reserve even if you return early. In some cases this is the only form of income for a sitter and she commits herself to a job depending on the amount of hours. Most sitters travel 30 to 60 minutes and through bad weather, so they need to know that the job will pay what they were told.

The sitters appreciate a tip if you feel so inclined.

NOTE: We will let you know that we have received your reservation by e-mail within 48 hours. If you have not received a note after that time, assume that we have not received your reservation and please contact us.

*** You must have a credit card on file to reserve a sitter.